Icon Denotations
Totals     78 52 16 10 1 6
Films Year Character (if Actor) Act Dir Prd Wrt Crew Self
One Foot in Heaven 1941   ACTOR          
Screen Snapshots: Seeing Hollywood 1940             Starred as HIMSELF
Cinema Circus 1937             Starred as HIMSELF
O'Malley of the Mounted 1936           WRITER    
The Hollywood Gad-About 1934             Starred as HIMSELF
Screen Snapshots 1932             Starred as HIMSELF
Billy the Kid 1930           Miscellaneous CREW - Served as Technical Advisor  
Show People 1928   ACTOR          
Screen Snapshots 1926             Starred as HIMSELF
Tumbleweeds 1925 Don Carver  ACTOR DIRECTOR PRODUCER      
Hello Frisco 1924   ACTOR          
Singer Jim McKee 1924 'Singer' Jim McKee  ACTOR     WRITER    
Wild Bill Hickok 1923 Wild Bill Hickok  ACTOR   PRODUCER WRITER    
Hollywood 1923 Cameo appearance ACTOR          
Travelin' on 1922 J.B.- The Stranger  ACTOR     WRITER    
White Oak 1921 Oak Miller - a gambling man  ACTOR   PRODUCER WRITER    
Three Word Brand 1921 Three Word Brand/Gov. Marsden/Ben Trego  ACTOR   PRODUCER      
The Whistle 1921 Robert Evens  ACTOR          
O'Malley of the Mounted 1921 Sergeant O'Malley  ACTOR   PRODUCER WRITER    
The Testing Block 1920 'Sierra' Bill  ACTOR     WRITER    
The Cradle of Courage 1920 'Square' Kelly  ACTOR DIRECTOR PRODUCER      
Sand! 1920 Dan Kurrie  ACTOR   PRODUCER      
The Toll Gate 1920 Black Deering ACTOR   PRODUCER WRITER    
John Petticoats 1919 'Hardwood' John Haynes  ACTOR          
Wagon Tracks 1919 Buckskin Hamilton  ACTOR   PRODUCER      
Square Deal Sanderson 1919 Square Deal Sanderson  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Money Corral 1919 Lem Beason  ACTOR   PRODUCER WRITER    
The Poppy Girl's Husband 1919 Hairpin Harry Dutton ACTOR DIRECTOR PRODUCER      
Breed of Men 1919 Careless Carmody  ACTOR   PRODUCER      
The Lion of the Hills 1918   ACTOR          
Staking His Life 1918 Bud Randall  ACTOR          
A Bullet for Berlin 1918     DIRECTOR       Starred as HIMSELF
Branding Broadway 1918 Robert Sands  ACTOR DIRECTOR PRODUCER      
The Border Wireless 1918 Steve Ransom  ACTOR DIRECTOR PRODUCER      
Riddle Gawne 1918 Jefferson 'Riddle' Gawne  ACTOR DIRECTOR PRODUCER      
Shark Monroe 1918 Shark Monroe  ACTOR DIRECTOR PRODUCER      
Selfish Yates 1918 'Selfish' Yates  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Tiger Man 1918 Hawk Parsons  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Blue Blazes Rawden 1918 Blue Blazes Rawden  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Wolves of the Rail 1918 'Buck' Andrade  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
All-Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty Loan 1917   ACTOR          
The Narrow Trail 1917 Ice Harding  ACTOR DIRECTOR   WRITER    
The Silent Man 1917 'Silent' Budd Marr  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Cold Deck 1917 Jefferson 'On-the-Level' Leigh  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Wolf Lowry 1917 Tom 'Wolf' Lowery  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Square Deal Man 1917 Jack O'Diamonds  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Desert Man 1917 Jim Alton  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Gun Fighter 1917 Cliff Hudspeth  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Truthful Tulliver 1916 Truthful Tulliver  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Devil's Double 1916 'Bowie' Blake  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Return of Draw Egan 1916 'Draw' Egan/William Blake  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Dawn Maker 1916 Joe Elk  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Patriot 1916 Bob Wiley  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Captive God 1916 Chiapa  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Apostle of Vengeance 1916 David Hudson  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Primal Lure 1916 Angus McConnell  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Aryan 1916 Steve Denton  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Hell's Hinges 1916 Blaze Tracy  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Conversion of Frosty Blake 1915 Frosty Blake ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Grit 1915   ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Grudge 1915 Rio Ed ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Man from Nowhere 1915 Buck Varley ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Mr. 'Silent' Haskins 1915 Lon Haskins ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Pinto Ben 1915 Boss Rider ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Taking of Luke McVane 1915 Luke McVane ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Tools of Providence 1915 Dakota Dan ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Between Men 1915 Bob White  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Disciple 1915 Jim Houston  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Keno Bates-Liar 1915 Keno Bates ACTOR DIRECTOR        
A Knight of the Trails 1915 Jim Treen ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Cash Parrish's Pal 1915 Cash Parrish ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Ruse 1915 'Bat' Peters ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Darkening Trail 1915 Yukon Ed ACTOR DIRECTOR        
'Bad Buck' of Santa Ynez 1915 Bad Buck Peters ACTOR DIRECTOR        
On the Night Stage 1915 'Silent' Texas Smith ACTOR          
The Roughneck 1915 Dave Page ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Sheriff's Streak of Yellow 1915 Sheriff Hale  ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Scourge of the Desert 1915 Bill Evers ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Bad Buck of Santa Ynez 1914   ACTOR DIRECTOR        
In the Sage Brush Country 1914 Jim Brandon ACTOR DIRECTOR        
Jim Cameron's Wife 1914 Andy Stiles ACTOR          
Two-Gun Hicks 1914 Two-Gun Hicks ACTOR DIRECTOR        
The Bargain 1914 Jim Stokes ACTOR          
His Hour of Manhood 1914 Pete Larson ACTOR          
Ben Hur 1907 Messala ACTOR          
The Man Killer ????    ACTOR          
Totals     78 52 16 10 1 6

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